Teaching and Training

About This Program

This practical training program offers a variety of topics that can help strengthen your church lay people and church leaders in their knowledge and understanding of the Bible and specific areas of church work. This program also offers several classes that can be a great benefit to any new convert in his walk with God.


Only $50 per course or $150 if applying toward undergraduate college credit.

Non-Credit ($50 per course) | Credit ($150 per course)

There is no application fee to enroll in these courses if you are not taking the courses for college credit. If you choose to pursue a degree program or to receive college credit for these courses at a later date, an application fee would be assessed at that time.

Classes Offered

The Church Music Program

Dr. Mario Cuozzo, the music director at First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana, presents this basic course on church music with the pastor and his congregation in mind. Instruction is given regarding music personnel, congregational singing, and basic guidelines for music in the church.

The following lessons are included:

  • Laying a Foundation
  • Building Blocks
  • Basic Guidelines
  • The Pastor/Music Director Relationship
  • The Importance of the Church Choir
  • The Slow Death of Congregational Singing
  • Organizing Adult Singing Groups and Youth Choirs
  • The Song Leader

The Children's Ministry

Mr. Andrew Scheltens, the children’s pastor at First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana, presents philosophies and methods of reaching children for Christ.

The following lessons are included:

  • The Philosophy of Children’s Ministry
  • Activities for Juniors
  • Junior Church
  • Power Club Kid’s Conference
  • Leading Children to Christ
  • Power Clubs of the Neighborhood Bible Clubs
  • Preaching to Children
  • Children’s Clubs

Church Transportation

Mr. Dan Clubb, Transportation Director at Hyles-Anderson College, contributes over three decades of experience in bus transportation.

The following topics are covered:

  • Accident Prevention
  • Understanding How A Bus Functions
  • The Check-Out of the Bus
  • City & Highway Driving Hazards
  • Starting a Bus Ministry

Starting an Adult Sunday School Class

Dr. Bob Marshall, church planter, presents this course on starting and growing an adult Sunday school class.

The following lessons are included:

  • The Need for an Aggressive and Structured Adult Bible Class
  • Objectives of the Adult Bible Class
  • Starting a Brand New Adult Bible Class
  • Responsibilities of the Adult Bible Class Teacher
  • Simple Guidelines for Starting a New Class
  • The Structure of the Adult Bible Class
  • Choosing the Right Teacher
  • The Purpose for Activities and Programs in the Class

The Productive Bus Worker

Dr. John Francis, Assistant Pastor at First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana, gives clear, step-by-step instruction on being a productive bus worker.

The following topics are covered:

  • Having a Big Day on Your Bus Route
  • What Does it Mean to Be a Bus Captain?
  • How to Lead a Program on a Bus

The Nursery

The Nursery course gives instruction on principles and practices in regard to child care in a church ministry. The instructor, Mrs. Gail Merhalski, is a graduate of Bob Jones University, Greenville, South Carolina and has continued her education at the University of Chicago. She earned her Doctor of Religious Education from Carolina Baptist College in 1995. She has had oversight of the nurseries of the First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana for nearly four decades and shares her philosophy and organizational skills in a straightforward and helpful manner.

The Successful Sunday School Teacher

Sunday school teachers from First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana, provide age-appropriate ideas and techniques for the junior-age, primary-age, and teenage Sunday school departments.

The following topics are covered:

  • Why We Have Sunday School
  • Requirements of Sunday School Teachers & Superintendents
  • The Importance of Teaching Children
  • Having an Effective Opening Assembly
  • The Junior-Age Sunday School
  • The Primary-Age Sunday School
  • The Teenage Sunday School

Practical Survey of the Scriptures

Practical Survey of the Scriptures is designed to give a general Biblical overview. 20 lessons cover a basic survey of the Old and New Testaments. These courses are intended to give a good Biblical foundation and a better understanding of the Bible to aid in future Bible study. Dr. Mark Bachman has an excellent knowledge of the Bible and presents the truths in a very exciting manner. He brings to light many key thoughts that most do not see on the surface when reading and studying the Bible.

Reaching the Military

Mr. Brian Cassada, an assistant pastor at First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana, gives a plan for building a military ministry to reach the military for Christ. Under his leadership, the Servicemen’s Ministry at First Baptist Church has seen thousands of military personnel saved. He has also effectively impacted servicemen’s lives through the love that he has demonstrated to them in this ministry.

The following topics are covered in six lessons:

  • Needs of Military People
  • How to Reach the Military
  • Developing Your Military Ministry
  • Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Other Holidays

Teamwork in Leadership

Dr. Stuart Mason, President of Hyles-Anderson College, teaches core concepts for leaders especially in regard to their relationship with followers.

The following topics are covered in six lessons:

  • Traits of Leaders
  • Integrity
  • Dependability

How to Study the Bible

Bible teacher Mr. Jerod Long provides details and instruction for beginning and developing a Bible study program.

Understanding the Bible

Pastor Ken Schaap gives foundational information for getting the most out of Bible reading and study.

The following topics are covered in six lessons:

  • The Purpose of the Bible
  • The Past of the Bible
  • Procedures for Bible Reading

Basic Audio and Church P.A.

Mr. Anthony Collins, Activities Director and Music Coordinator at Hyles-Anderson College, details the philosophy behind and the equipment involved in a PA system.

Following are some of the topics covered in eight lessons:

  • What is Sound?
  • PA system Basics
  • Basic Setup
  • Microphones
  • Where Are All the Cords?
  • Troubleshooting

Hosting a Successful Missions Conference

Dr. Mark Bachman, veteran missionary and missions team leader, outlines the benefits of and guidelines for conducting a missions conference in the local church.