Frequently Asked Questions

If I am a current resident student at Hyles-Anderson College, may I take classes through Hyles-Anderson College Online?

After enrolling in the Hyles-Anderson College resident program, there is a limit of 16 online credits taken from Hyles-Anderson College Online and a limit of five credits from other online colleges. Classes must be approved in advance.

This policy does not apply to anyone who was first enrolled in the online college prior to attending the resident college.

This policy will also not apply to anyone over 25 years of age or who is married.

This policy goes into effect for all students who had fewer than 32 credits after the 2017 spring semester.

What are the fees for Hyles-Anderson College Online?

The current rate of tuition is $225 per credit hour. The application fee is $25 for all applicants under any program of study. Upon completion of a degree, you will have the option to have your diploma mailed to you for $25.* You may request permission to participate in commencement exercises. The cost for participating is $100.

* Additional shipping charges will apply outside of the continental United States.

If I began a degree at another college or through another college online program, will my credits transfer?

You may transfer up to 90 credits for an undergraduate degree and up to 16 credits for a master’s degree. All credit transfer requests are carefully reviewed by our Academic Office.

How do I make payments for online courses?

Once you have applied and have been accepted, you will be emailed a user name and a password. You will then be able to log on to your account and purchase credits.

Do the credits that I purchase expire, and are they refundable?

The credits that you purchase never expire. They are refundable within the first thirty days of purchase. They are transferable to other students but are not eligible for cash refunds after thirty days from the date of purchase.

What are the current payment options available?

Hyles-Anderson College Online is available at a rate of $225 per credit hour. You may pay as you go per class or you may pay for a complete program in advance.

Can I take classes if I have dial-up internet access?

Unfortunately dial-up internet will not be sufficient for taking classes through Hyles-Anderson College Online. As with any other media source, a high-speed internet connection is necessary to view the lessons. Any speed DSL or other type of high speed internet access will be sufficient for viewing the lessons.

Can you complete a course as quickly as you like, or are there limits as to how many classes you can take at a time?

You will have four weeks per credit hour in which to complete a course. For example, a two-credit course must be completed within eight weeks of your initial start date for that course. You may take up to four credit hours during your first enrollment period. Upon successful completion of the courses taken during your initial enrollment period, you may continue to take courses at a pace which is comfortable to you. You may finish a course earlier than the allotted time period. However, failure to complete and pass a course during the allotted time will require the course to be retaken in its entirety and at an additional expense.

What is the grading scale used for the masters classes, and what average is necessary for graduation?

Hyles-Anderson College Online operates on a 4.0 grade scale. No “D” hours of credit are recognized. You must maintain a “C” average to earn your degree. The grading scale is as follows:

A – 100-93
B – 92-86
C – 85-74
D – 73-68
F – 67-0

Other than having earned a Bachelor of Science degree, what other requirements are there for the master’s degree in Church Leadership?

Before receiving a master’s degree in Church Leadership, you must have completed Old and New Testament Survey, Personal Evangelism, and a minimum of four credits of Bible. If you have a bachelor’s degree but are lacking any of these items, you may take these classes through Hyles-Anderson Online concurrently with your master’s degree classes. Life experience credit may substitute for these courses and will be determined on a case-by-case basis. For example: If you have been a pastor, missionary, or worker in a church ministry; the prerequisites could be waived.

Are credits earned at Hyles-Anderson College or any other college transferable to Hyles-Anderson Online?

Credits can be transferred to Hyles-Anderson Online. Transcripts will be reviewed, and applicable credits to your degree will be determined.

Who are the course instructors?

Courses will be taught by staff and faculty from Hyles-Anderson College, First Baptist Church, and other First Baptist Church ministries. There will also be courses taught by guest speakers.

Will there be required textbooks?

Textbooks will be assigned by the course instructor. The required books may be purchased through our online book store.

If I fail to complete my degree in the prescribed amount of time, may I apply for an extension?

Yes. You may request an extension from the college.

What happens if I fail a course or fail to complete the course within the prescribed schedule?

You will be required to retake the failed course at your convenience at your expense.

How will I be tested?

You will be quizzed after individual lessons. You will be given a midterm and a final exam.
Certain courses will also have periodic book tests.

Will my diploma say “online”?

Our diplomas will state “Hyles-Anderson College.” No distinction will be made between residential or online programs.

Is any additional information required with my application?

Yes. You will need to submit the following items:

  1. Your college transcript (if applicable)
  2. A pastoral reference
  3. A “Terms of Agreement” form (Just prior to beginning your first course, you will be guided to check the “Terms of Agreement” form.)

How do I apply?

You may apply online, by visiting our APPLY page.